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Workshop: Single Origin & Blends

Rare, Exotic and Limited

Exclusive collaborations, micro-lots, and limited releases

Jaramillo Geisha
Jaramillo Geisha Workshop

Coffee Blossom, Rose, Nectarine

Esmeralda Geisha
Esmeralda Geisha Workshop

Orange Blossom, Jasmine, Bergamot

Perci Geisha
Perci Geisha Workshop

Peach, Strawberry, Apricot, Vanilla
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Seasonal sample sets of our favorite Workshop coffees

Delicate Jasmine to Zesty Lemon

Coffees showcasing prized floral and citrus flavors

Colombia - San Roque
Colombia - San Roque Workshop

Clementines, Cherry Cola, Chocolate

Ethiopia - Ardi
Ethiopia - Ardi Workshop

Plum Wine, Concord Grapes, Apple Pie

Ethiopia - YirgZ
Ethiopia - YirgZ Workshop

Lemon Zest, Peach, Vanilla

White Grape to Black Cherry

Coffees reminiscent of fresh fruit, jams, and wines

Kenya - Ibutiti Estate
Kenya - Ibutiti Estate Workshop

Grapefruit, Blackberry, Molasses

Papua New Guinea - Kunjin
Papua New Guinea - Kunjin Workshop

Pralines, Green Grapes, Cedar

Haiti - Savan Zombi
Haiti - Savan Zombi Workshop

Lavender, Orange, Caramel

Fishtown Workshop

Bergamot, Stone Fruit, Caramel

Mexico - Sierra Sur
Mexico - Sierra Sur Workshop

Honeysuckle, Rose, Cantaloupe

Sweet Caramel to Dark Chocolate

Richly satisfying coffees with cocoa flavors

Brazil - Blue Diamond
Brazil - Blue Diamond Workshop

Sage, Dried Apples, Roasted Peanuts

Haiti - Mare Blanche
Haiti - Mare Blanche Workshop

Black Pepper, Vanilla Extract, Root Beer

RaRa - Haiti Baptiste
RaRa - Haiti Baptiste Workshop

Chocolate, Black Pepper, Cedar