How to Brew


Wake up to perfect cold brew - every morning. The Bruer slow drip cold brew coffeemaker gives you all the benefits of a cold brewer, with added ease and convenience. Designed to slowly drip cold water through your favorite coffee grounds, the Bruer manages to get all the smooth sweetness of cold brew, with less acidity than traditional hot coffee.

What You’ll Need

Brew Time 6 Hours
Difficulty Intermediate
Step 1


Weigh out coffee on a scale. We typically use 60 grams of coffee for a Bruer.

Step 2


Grind the coffee beans. For the Bruer, you will want them to resemble semi-coarse table salt.

Step 3


With the smooth side of the mesh facing up, slowly push the tower into the silicone filter ring. Time to add the coffee to the Bruer's tower!

Step 4


Once the coffee is added to the Bruer, place the tower into the carafe and lay the paper filter on top of the coffee. Now it’s time to pour! Place the Bruer on the scale and zero (tare) it out. Wet the coffee with about 1oz of water. Then carefully push the plug into the tower.

Step 5


Zero out the scale again and add about 700 g of water and ice cube mixture.

Step 6


Adjust the valve on the Bruer by turning the knob to about one drop per second.

Step 7


Refrigerate your Bruer and in about 6 hours you can enjoy over ice!

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