Caramel Draft Latte Gift Subscription

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Introducing Caramel Draft Latte: 

Crafted with expertly roasted cold-pressed Nizza espresso and fresh milk, combined with real caramel, the newest Draft Latte offers a taste of the sweet life, without the guilt. 

With the full taste and texture of a cold latte, complete with a frothy layer of silky foam, the new Caramel Draft Latte will transport you straight to a sweet summer boardwalk for an on-the-go pick-me-up anytime.

Our Caramel Draft Latte is made with nutrient-rich and hormone-free milk, delivering 7g of protein. It is also low in added sugar, lactose-free and kosher. 

Gluten Free

Available for Subscription in 16-Packs only. 


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