Brazil Blue Diamond Gift Subscription

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  • COUNTRY: Brazil
  • REGION: Cerrado Minero
  • PROCESS: Pulped natural
  • VARIETYCatuai
  • ALTITUDE: 800-1,300 meters
  • CUPPING NOTES: Sage, dried apples, roasted peanuts

Why you'll love it: One of our more darkly roasted single-origin coffees, this natural-processed Brazilian has the sweetness and nuttiness of a chocolate-caramel candy bar.

Story of the bean: In the 1940s, coffee consumption was beginning to soar and Brazilian coffee producers struggled to find a coffee tree that could withstand the strong winds and rain in the tropical savannas south of the Amazon. The solution was a hybrid plant called Catuai, a highly productive dwarf variety prized for its sweetness. With rich chocolate flavor and a full body, the Blue Diamond is a shining example of a Brazilian Catuai.

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