Art of Origin Prints

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Art loves coffee, and coffee loves art. This fine art print for your home reflects the story of our beans, printed on high-quality paper made with wind power and post-consumer material. This original artwork by Esen Pence, our senior graphic designer, is a nod to the origins and inspirations behind our most beloved blends. Inspired by coffee, created with a cup in hand.
  • Prints are 9x9
  • Frame not included

Corsica - Named for an ancient island in the Mediterranean, Corsica (the coffee and the island) is known for bold, deep flavors, history, and significance. Mountains cover two-thirds of the small island, making it the perfect place to get lost in angles and vistas.
Phocea - This print and the coffee it represents are about a journey – a journey of spices, flavors, ideas. Phocea was inspired by the French city Marseille, which historically stood as the European entryway on the spice trail from Africa. Phocea represents a gateway to new ideas and experiences.
YirgZ - The coffee and the print represent the meticulous, dedicated labor of those who work at origin. YirgZ coffee is triple-sorted by hand in Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia, meaning each bean that ends up in your cup was intentionally selected. 
Monte Carlo - For us, coffee is not restricted to the morning. It's a joy and a comfort throughout the day, and sometimes there's nothing better than a warm cup of decaf after dinner. A beautiful reminder that coffee is for nighttime, too.
Savoia - The coffee and the print are a tribute to the Swiss chocolate makers in the Savoie region of the Alps. As chocolate lovers know, no two chocolates taste the same, just as no two coffees taste the same, and Savoia represents coffee's infinite range of sweet cocoa notes.

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