Tea Enthusiast Kit

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Step up your tea game with our Tea Enthusiast Kit. Whether brewing sachets or loose leaf, this curated collection includes everything you need to steep your best cup, every time. The Stagg Kettle and Hario Teapot, along with a box of La Colombe Tea or Tisane, will be the new must-haves of your tea routine. 
The matte-black Stagg Kettle has a built-in thermometer to ensure that you heat your water to the optimal brew temperature for your tea or tisane. The spout is designed for targeted pouring at the optimal flow rate, making for an even, easy-to-control pour.
The Hario Teapot, made of heatproof glass and olive wood, offers a simple way to expertly steep tea (for one or two). The large, extra fine stainless steel infuser allows room for tea leaves to properly expand and release full, nuanced flavors. Experience the beauty of the tea as the natural hue is easily revealed in the glass pot. Elegant and practical, it can be used with both sachets or loose tea, and is ideal for both hot and cold brewing. 
 Choose from any of our Teas + Tisanes to go along with this kit: 

Yunnan Breakfast Organic Black Tea: Grows in a dense tea garden in the Yunnan region of China. The gold-tipped Dian Hong tea leaves steep to reveal citrusy, sweet, and malty notes, creating an elevated version of the classic breakfast black tea.
Golden Turmeric Organic Herbal Tisane: Featuring warming spices like ginger and turmeric, this herbal blend shines with citrus flavors of lemongrass, orange, and lemon, while licorice root adds natural sweetness.
Hojicha Organic Green Tea: Made with roasted bancha leaves and stems from Japan's autumn and winter harvests, giving it notes of toasted barley, the nuttiness of sesame, and a hint of amber caramel.
Ruby Oolong Organic Tea: Harvested in the Doi Mae Salong Mountains in Thailand and slowly baked to coax out woodsy notes of cedar, and the sweet but tart notes of baked pear. True to its colorful name, this reddish amber tea is smooth and soothing.

*Photos show our Ruby Oolong Tea. Kit will be delivered with the tea you choose above.

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