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Please Note: due to a higher order volume & taking extra care in our distribution centers, you may experience shipping delays.

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Q. What is La Colombe doing to protect its customers from the spread of Coronavirus?

A. We are a people first company. The health and safety of our community continues to be our top priority. In light of the recent Coronavirus outbreak we have increased the frequency and rigor of cleaning and sanitization in all of our production facilities, distribution centers and office environments.  If you have any additional questions or concerns, we are also here for you at

Out of an abundance of caution, we are temporarily closing all La Colombe cafes starting March 17. Take care of yourselves and each other. Be well. We will see you soon.

Where is my coffee roasted?
We have two coffee roasteries in the U.S. Our primary location is in Philadelphia at:
2620 E Tioga Street, Philadelphia PA, 19134

The Philadelphia Roastery serves most of our locations across the country, with the exception of Los Angeles where we have our second roastery located at:
2828 Newell Street, Los Angeles CA, 90039

Finally, our Draft Latte cans are produced and canned in Michigan at our plant located at:
6636 Norton Center Drive, Muskegon, MI 49441

How do I pick a coffee?
Baffled about which coffee to pick? Take our Coffee Quiz!
Or feel free to give us a call or email us (1-800-563-0860 or Our Coffee Crew would love to help you find a coffee that suits your taste buds.

What are cupping notes? Does this mean your coffee is flavored?
Our coffees do not contain added flavors. However, each of our single-origin coffees and blends has its own unique flavor. Those flavors and aromas come naturally from the coffee bean and can be affected by factors like country of origin, altitude, growing practices, processing techniques, and roasting styles. Coffees roasted more lightly have more of the characteristics unique to each origin, while those roasted on a darker level have more of the classic chocolatey and smoky tones found in our Classic and Reserve Blends.

The tasting notes that you’ll find on your bag of La Colombe coffee are what we taste when we brew and drink the coffee. By creating a simile between what we’re tasting in the coffee and familiar flavors we’ve had before (chocolate, apple pie, toasted marshmallow, etc.), it’s easier to communicate the often complex tastes that coffee can take on.

What grind should I choose?
The choice of grind will depend on how you brew your coffee. Usually, we recommend ordering your coffee whole bean and grinding it fresh before you brew. But if you don’t have a good-quality grinder, let us pre-grind it for you!

We offer the following grind options tailored to your coffee maker of choice:
  • Espresso: our finest grind which will work very well on most espresso machines
  • Turkish: slightly coarser than espresso as recommended by world champion Turkish coffee brewers
  • Stove Top: a medium grind for Italian style stove top espresso makers or Moka Pots
  • Drip: a medium grind for both regular and automatic drip coffee machines
  • Percolator/Aeropress: a medium grind for both a plunger press brewer and a traditional percolator
  • Pourover: a slightly coarser grind formulated for most filtered manual pour methods such as Chemex, v60, and Melitta 
  • French Press/Cold Brew: our coarsest grind perfect for unfiltered immersion methods as well as for making your own cold brew at home

Why does grindsize matter?

Read more here.

What are your café location and hours?
Our national locations and hours can be found at our Cafés page here.

What is the best way to store coffee?
The best way to store coffee in an airtight container in a dark cupboard. There’s no need to freeze! Just keep your beans away from sunlight, air, and humidity.

What is the recommended shelf life of our coffee?
If stored in a cool, dark place, our state of the art packaging will maintain the quality of our coffee for up to 120 days after roasting. It may still be consumed after this date, but the vibrant and complex flavors present in a fresh roast will begin to diminish. If the package is opened, exposure to oxygen will age the coffee more rapidly. 

How do I brew coffee?
There are infinite ways to brew coffee, and all coffee folks have their own strong opinions as to what makes the best cup. For our recommendations, check out our brewing guides or our blog.

What is the difference between cornerstone, alliance and single origins? What are seasonal single origins blends?
At La Colombe, we have three different coffee lines:

  • Cornerstone Blends are our classic blends that have been here since the very beginning. These are the coffees we drink on a daily basis, and if you’re new to La Colombe, we recommend checking them out!
  • Alliance Blends are rich in flavor, story, and reason. Each one is created with a cause or region in mind, meant to draw awareness or support to the issue and areas closest to our hearts.
  • Workshop Coffees are roasted in small batches and come from a single origin, usually a single farm or specific region of a country. Our seasonal Workshop blends are comprised of multiple unique, single-origin coffees.

What are the benefits of the new packaging?
With this packaging, we’re increasing transparency while decreasing environmental impact, cutting our use of plastic and non-renewable fossil fuels nearly in half. The outer box is fully recyclable, and the labels are made with wind power and 30% post-consumer material. The plastic bag is made from a mix of plastic, wood pulp, and a starch additive that promotes bio-degradation. When you pick up one of these boxes, know that in 5-10 years, nearly all of the packaging will be completely reabsorbed into the natural cycle. Read more about our packaging here.

How do I return a product I did not like?
Visit our return policy page here.

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Subscription FAQ's

How do I sign up for La Colombe subscriptions?
You can subscribe here to have our coffee delivered to you regularly:

When will my first shipment arrive?
Your first shipment will ship out 1-3 days after your order is placed. You will receive an email with a tracking number which will let you track your coffee and see its expected arrival.

How do I change or add products to my subscription?
You can manage this from your online account. Log in at and click on ‘Subscriptions’ under your user profile. Click the ‘Add Product’ button to add a new item to your subscription.

I am not able to log in to my account to edit my subscription.
Getting an error message "no email address found" when you try to log in to your account? We don't require you to create an account on our web store to purchase a subscription, so it's possible you don't have one! Click 'create an account' on the log in screen, use the same email address you provided for your subscription and all previous purchase history will be available for you to view and manage.

* Please note, unfortunately at this time gift cards cannot be accepted for subscription orders.