Appreciation of Origin

We believe in investing in, uplifting, and protecting the treasured communities we source our coffee from who are being hit hardest by economic strife, climate change, and other issues. Through responsible sourcing practices, investment in infrastructure and education at origin, and direct communication with producers, we aim to improve and uphold the wellbeing of coffee-growing communities who contribute so much to our industry and culture.

Haiti Coffee Academy

After a devastating earthquake in 2010, we yearned to provide stability for our neighbors in Haiti. Through years of hard work and tenacity, we created the Haiti Coffee Academy to equip Haitian farmers with the resources to grow and process some of the best coffee in the world in pursuit of economic freedom. Among many things, the farm (rebuilt by our team) offers training programs, includes an adjoining nursery for coffee crops brought by us from Brazil to Haiti, and has a freshwater system that dispenses clean water to the surrounding community. After over 10 years, La Colombe is proud to celebrate this unique partnership and the bright future it holds.


We believe that every child should have equal access to education. That’s why we support ECHOES (Educating Children and Communities for Health, Opportunities, Enlightenment and Survival), a non-profit organization based outside of Philadelphia, PA. To help, La Colombe paid the salaries of the matrons at Trinity Children’s Centre in Uganda, a primary school where approximately 400 of the enrolled 1200 students board, many of whom are orphaned children and Sudanese refugees.

Direct Sourcing

As early pioneers of Direct Trade, we are committed to bettering the lives of our partners at origin through positive relationships and sustainable practices. We immerse ourselves in local growing dynamics so that we can identify specific projects that can improve the quality of lives in the region while establishing a new standard for coffee quality. We continue to broaden our impact and are committed to establishing a new standard of trade that spans across bean quality, social issues, and environmental concerns.

Purchasing in Most Needy Regions

It’s important for us to purchase coffee in a way that benefits the most needy communities across the world. For instance, our investment in our Kayaza Natural workshop roast benefited farmers of Burundi, with over $10K through Sucafina with the Kahawatu Foundation going towards livestock, solar panels and increased access to healthcare for farmers in the region. It’s our hope this project and others like it will help uphold and empower farming communities rooted in rich culture and tradition.

Paying Above Fairtrade Price

Fair treatment and compensation for coffee producers is at the heart of our vision for trading coffee. That’s why we firmly believe in working with a group of like-minded importers who connect us directly with producers to ensure that producers are paid a premium, high above fair trade price, for the exceptional quality of their products.

Prioritization of Certified Coffees

To ensure that our coffee perpetuates fair environmental and safe-labor practices, we have been a strong proponent of prioritizing the purchase of certified organic coffees. The certified organic coffee purchased by La Colombe has increased year over year to over 150K lbs per year. Certified coffee gives our team independent assurances that our coffee sources instill friendly farming practices, that fair prices are paid to coffee farmers, and that the coffee we purchase is environmentally sound.


Food 4 Farmers is working to address food security at origin by teaching coffee producers and their families how to diversify their crops and businesses.

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Grounds for Health

Grounds for Health provides cervical cancer screenings and prevention at places of origin, namely Ethiopia.

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World Coffee Research

WCR works to help coffee farmers increase quality and yield while also finding solutions to challenges at origin caused by climate change.

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