Sustainability is our way of life. One that drives us to minimize our impact and maintain a healthy environment for our kids. We use that way of thinking to maintain environmentally-friendly practices throughout La Colombe, from our coffee sources to our roasteries to our cafes.


For Todd and JP, finding ways to limit our environmental impact is always top of mind. That’s why he and our team work relentlessly to find ways to reduce waste through our packaging. Our roasted coffee boxes are 100% recyclable and utilize plant-based ink, while our coffee bags are the most sustainable in the coffee industry. Our goal is to have 98% biodegradable packaging across all roasted coffee products by 2024.


As early pioneers of Direct Trade, Todd and JP are committed to bettering the lives of our partners at origin through positive relationships and sustainable practices. We immerse ourselves in local growing dynamics so that we can identify specific projects that can improve the quality of lives in the region while establishing a new standard for coffee quality. We continue to broaden our impact and are committed to establishing a new standard of trade that spans across bean quality, social issues, and environmental concerns.


To ensure that our coffee perpetuates fair environmental and safe-labor practices, Todd and JP have been a strong proponent of prioritizing the purchase of certified organic coffees. The certified organic coffee purchase by La Colombe has increased year over year which, at the current rate, will be about 150K lbs for 2020. Certified coffee gives our team independent assurances that our coffee sources instill friendly farming practices, that fair prices are paid to coffee farmers, and that the coffee we purchase is environmentally sound.


Coming from a childhood of poverty, Todd knows the importance of supporting regions in need. That’s why it’s important for us to purchase coffee in a way that benefits the most needy communities across the world. For instance, our investment in our Kayaza Natural workshop roast benefited farmers of Burundi, with over $10K through Sucafina with the Kahawatu Foundation going towards livestock, solar panels and increased access to healthcare for farmers in the region. It’s our hope this project and others like it will help uphold and empower farming communities rooted in rich culture and tradition.


Fair treatment and compensation for coffee producers is at the heart of Todd and JPs vision for trading coffee. That’s why we firmly believe in working with a group of like-minded importers who connect us directly with producers to ensure that producers are paid a premium, high above fair trade price, for the exceptional quality of their products.