We believe in leaving a better world for future generations. Sustainability is top of mind in our cafes, roasting and warehouse facilities. Through sustainable packaging, environmentally-friendly practices, and support of our country’s most valued outdoor landmarks, the National Parks, we aim to create a better world by eliminating waste and preserving our environment. Learn more here.

National Park Foundation

We were inspired to partner with the National Parks Foundation for our “Keep America Wild” campaign in an effort to protect and preserve our natural, cultural, and historical treasures. La Colombe donated $100,000 to the National Parks Foundation as an official partner and launched a full-scale campaign to rally our community around our country’s National Parks through our cafes and our cans.

Sustainable Coffee Packaging

Finding ways to limit our environmental impact is always top of mind. That’s why they and our team work relentlessly to find ways to reduce waste or lesson our carbon footprint through our packaging. Our roasted coffee boxes are 100% recyclable and utilize plant-based ink, while our coffee bags utilize NEO technology that breaks down in landfills and gets turned into clean, renewable energy. Over the course of 2022, our goal is to have the NEO technology added to all of our roasted packaging.



To avoid unnecessary landfill waste, our Philadelphia roastery composts 23,000 to 50,000 lbs. of coffee grounds per week (over 1,000 tons per year!). Those coffee grounds feed back into our ecosystem in multiple ways by fueling growth of new crops, including helping local breweries grow barley for their beer.