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The Coffee Vault is pre-ground, pre-measured and preserved under

pressure for freshness. So you can brew the perfect pot.

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The Vault

Take the guess work out of coffee

The Coffee

Our Corsica’s cocoa notes pair beautifully with milk or stand alone, making it the perfect filter coffee.


A precision granulizer (roller grinder) ensures optimal extraction.
The Vault


No mess, no worries. The right amount of coffee for one pot.


Preserved under pressure using the coffee's own gases, extending its life 5x. Tastes as if it was roasted and ground that day.
  1. STEP 1

    Open the vault and empty the contents into your drip filter.
  2. STEP 2

    Pour 4 measuring cups of water into your brewer.
  3. STEP 3

    Brew & Enjoy!