A Note From Todd

Dear Coffee Friends,

Todd here. Haiti is incredibly close to our hearts - to my heart - and we want to share it with you. This was the idea behind the Travel With Todd Sweepstakes. But now it is clear: we must put these things aside, marshal La Colombe’s resources, and help our friends in Haiti.

As you are seeing on your TV, the damage is extensive. Both the Haiti Coffee Academy and our friends’ communities have been affected.

This is the plan. We are addressing the principles of survival. First, shelter. We are offering our offices and warehouse space there as shelter. Second, water. One of our biggest concerns is cholera. To help the community in Thiotte maintain their health, we’re continuing to fill and operate our free public water dispenser, located on the main road outside the Academy. Third, food. We are scanning for areas of need and ways to help. Transportation is key to getting food to the people and we will do what is necessary, including lending our trucks and resources, to help.

At La Colombe, we believe friends and neighbors matter. Thank you for your support.