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Going to Cuba

Coffee Survivor Kit

Inspired by Todd Carmichael's travels sourcing coffee from around the world, our Coffee Survivor Kit lets you brew on the go. Whatever you’re chasing out there, your camp coffee is taken care of.
Each kit contains tube of our delicious Origins blend coffee, Porlex hand grinder, a portable Esbit Moka pot and fuel logs, two Stainless Steel Klean Kanteen camp cups, a custom case from Philly bag-maker, Fabric Horse (100% canvas).

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Louisiane Blend

Mineral, smoky, historic. A tribute to the culinary south, this smoky blend with mineral undercurrent creates a polished connection to the rugged roots of agricultural America.

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Rich, dark, and sweet. These are the quintessential elements of a traditional Cuban coffee. Sipped from little cups – tacitas – Cuban-style coffee is a small drink with a powerful punch. Learn an easy way to make it at home with a stovetop brewer.

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