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Jaramillo Geisha - Panama

Why you'll love it: With floral fragrances and stone fruit sweetness, this is a classic geisha that showed the world new possibilities in coffee.

Story of the bean: A small area of coffee trees in Panama’s Jaramillo highlands has been producing some of the best beans in the world for over a decade. When the Hacienda Esmeralda farm introduced the world to the geisha coffee variety in 2004, the Jaramillo lot was the original. With clean, flowery notes like rose and nectarine, this coffee represents a revolution in the industry, an expansion of coffee’s flavor possibilities, and a major turning point for farmers, roasters, and baristas. A bright, beautiful coffee to enjoy daily, the Jaramillo Geisha is the stuff of legends.

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Esmeralda Geisha - Panama Boquete

Why you'll love it: This coffee is a classic example of the rare Geisha coffee variety, with bright, floral notes and a clean, effervescent finish.

Story of the bean: Hacienda La Esmeralda became the most famous coffee farm in the world in 2004 with exceptional lots of the little-known Geisha variety. We are thrilled to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of Esmeralda's successes by sharing this coffee with you. With lemony acidity and jasmine-like floral qualities, this exceptional coffee embodies the profile of a Geisha we love. Hacienda La Esmeralda set the world's expectations for a Geisha, and to this day defines what it means for coffee to be a luxury.

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Perci Geisha - Ninety Plus Estate

Why you'll love it: From one of the most experimental and important coffee farms in the world, this Perci Geisha lot has altered our expectations for what coffee can be. Founded in 2007, NinetyPlus Estate has been a pioneer in innovative processing styles to produce rare coffees that taste like a range of fruits, flowers, and spices.

Story of the bean: They are able to highlight dimensions of coffee and seem to almost bend the taste of coffee. La Colombe CEO and Co-founder, Todd Carmichael’s special relationship with the farm led him to choose this coffee for the 2014 US Brewer's Cup. He placed 2nd in the country and inspired us to offer the coffee again.

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Go Behind the Beans

Geishas for Days: A Variety Explained

Ten years ago, a farm in Panama introduced the world to the geisha coffee variety. The beans quickly became the superstars of the specialty coffee scene, yielding an unprecedented price per pound at auction. Read more about what makes this coffee so special - and so delicious.

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