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Zambia - Mbuni Anniversary Coffee

Why you’ll love it: A heavy body and wine-like sweetness sets this very rare Zambian coffee apart. Truly one of our favorites.

Story of the bean: Todd personally visited this farm to find coffee to celebrate the 20-year anniversary of La Colombe's founding. It will be - no doubt - the start of a long friendship and the coffee with which he returned is truly one of a kind.

This estate is one of the most innovative in Africa and has developed an irrigation system and unique processing techniques. The micro-climate allows the coffee cherries to fully dry on the tree before being picked. Drying the coffee in this way produces a cup with a concentrated wine-like sweetness and heavy body that we have never tasted before.

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Todd's Zambia Gear

Todd travels really light. But there are things he can't leave back home when he's out there in the coffee country looking for the rarest, most exotic beans. His hat, a cupping spoon, and a way to brew coffee are some of the must haves.

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Heritage Pack: Zambia + Corsica Blends

Celebrate 20 years of La Colombe with our Heritage Pack! Featuring our single-origin anniversary coffee - the Zambia Mbuni - and our all-time favorite classic blend - Corsica - this pack represents how far we have come in the coffee craft. This pack includes:

Corsica: Uncommon, Rich, Full. Corsica is blended and roasted for richness and possesses a long-lasting coffee finish.

Zambia - Mbuni: Sweet sherry, dried berry, fresh tobacco. Mbuni has a heavy body and wine-like sweetness that sets this very rare Zambian coffee apart.

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Coffee Recipe

Zambia on Chemex

Brew with us! Celebrate 20 years of La Colombe with our anniversary coffee, the Zambia Mbuni, brewed on a Chemex. This sweet, wine-like coffee is a testament to how far we have come in this craft. Get the recipe here.

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Zambia T-SHIRT

Limited Edition

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Uncommon Grounds TUBE SET

Three 2.5OZ samples of coffees from this season

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Classic elegance

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Coffee Survivor Kit

Brew anywhere

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