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Corsica Blend: The Ingredients


The base of Corsica. Brazilian beans are known to have chocolate and nut flavors that give body and foundation to a blend.


Coffees from lower Central America often have citrusy and sweet notes like apple, over a backdrop of cocoa and spice.
A cup of Corsica


Renowned for their balance, Colombian coffees add suavity and smoothness to the blend.


When grown at higher altitudes, Mexican coffees carry the tart sweetness of cherries.

How It’s Made


    We work directly with coffee farmers to source the best-tasting, rarest beans. By forming longterm relationships with growing partners, we can ensure high-quality coffee year after year.

    Starting with a traditional base, we combine coffees from various origins to create balanced, smooth blends designed to surprise and delight every type of coffee drinker.

    Each of our blends features a customized roasting profile to highlight the unique tastes in all of them. We sample each batch to ensure quality and drinkability.

    We believe if you’re going to brew, brew your best. We work with baristas, partners, and customers to learn the science of coffee and how small brewing adjustments can make it evermore delicious.


Devin Chapman heads up our West Coast coffee crew. He’s an award-winning barista who brings passion, ferocity, and an epic love of coffee to competitions and his day job. He was named NW Brewers Cup Champion in 2011, and earned a clean sweep at the NW Regional Barista and Brewers Cup competitions in 2012. He was the NW Regional Barista Champion in 2013, a US Barista Championships finalist in 2015, and this year he placed 2nd in the US Barista Championships in Atlanta, GA.

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