Alliance Blends Gift Box

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Our top three Alliance blends, arranged in a decorative gift box, are sure to please any coffee drinker who loves a good story with their morning cup. These blends are rich in flavor, story, and reason.

Afrique - this blend is inspired by Africa, where coffee originated and home to thousands of farmers who cultivate the beautiful coffee fruit. This brew showcases the fruity potential of coffee without abandoning the traditional coffee flavors of cocoa and warm spices.

For Haiti - this blend has notes of chocolate, vanilla and black pepper and represents our commitment to supporting farming families, and revitalizing the once great Haitian coffee industry

Louisiane -  this bold and earthy brew is a love letter to New Orleans, the original U.S. coffee town. This blend is about getting back to the roots of the American coffee tradition – and finding that mineral, smoky smoothness that got this country hooked on it in the first place.