Brazil - São Paulo

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PRODUCER: The Moscardini Family
REGION: State of São Paulo 
ALTITUDE: 900-1,050 Meters
VARIETY: Mundo Novo, Yellow Catuaí, Obatã, Topázio and Tupi
PROCESS: Natural, Controlled Fermentation
CUPPING NOTES: Merlot, Vanilla Bean, Pomegranate 

Why You'll Love It:
This rare selection from the highlands of the State of São Paulo displays flavors never before seen in Brazilian coffee. Rich caramel flavors support aromas of fine red wine and the sweetness of ripe berries.

Story of the Bean:
We’re all familiar with the distinctly nutty flavor of Brazilian coffee however, this offering is the result of a ground-breaking experiment in drying. In a process called controlled fermentation, flavors are created by utilizing microorganisms in much the same as in wine and beer production. The result is a remarkably fruit forward coffee displaying flavors of grapes and dark chocolate. This iconoclastic coffee creates an endlessly complex cup.

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