Brew Anything Kit

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From a classic cup to a flavorful iced coffee to a double shot of espresso - this kit allows you to decide on the fly which style of coffee you want to brew. 
The foundation of the Brew Anything Kit is the Handground Precision Hand Grinder, with 15 different grind settings, and the Aeropress, which has recipes for almost every coffee drink you can think of.
Complementing these two versatile tools is the Miir Camp Mug, branded with our classic La Colombe Dove and insulated to keep whichever drink you choose hot or cold, and a complimentary box of our For Haiti coffee blend with notes of milk chocolate, vanilla and black pepper. 
(1) Aeropress
(1) Handground Precision Coffee Grinder
(1) Miir Camp Mug
(1) Complimentary 12oz For Haiti blend