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CUPPING NOTES: Macaron, Allspice, Apricot

Why You'll Love It
In celebration of the neighborhood surrounding our Chicago cafes and roastery, we've created the Bucktown Blend. A full-bodied offering with notes of silky caramel and baking spice, Bucktown evokes a calm center within the buzzing metropolitan tumult.    

Blend Notes:
As the location of our first roastery outside of Philadelphia, Chicago has long been our second home.  The Bucktown neighborhood there has been a new home for innumerable immigrants from diverse origins for over a century.  Traditionally known for its vital Polish and Latin American communities, Bucktown is a place whose people celebrate tradition while trailblazing their own path in the new world. The coffees in Bucktown are blended in the European tradition but roasted to accentuate a caramel-like sweetness and lively acidity in a modern, progressive, and truly American style.

Blend Ingredients: Brazil, Guatemala, Nicaragua