Burundi Kayanza Sampler

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At La Colombe, we love to try new things and we want to make it easy for you to find your next favorite cup.

Introducing our new Handpicked Workshop Collection of sampler tubes. You can now try any of our unique and delicious single-origin Workshop coffees in a 2.5 oz tube. 


PRODUCER: Smallholder Farmers
REGION: Kayanza Province
ALTITUDE: 1,600-1,900 M
VARIETY: Red Bourbon
PROCESS: Natural
CUPPING NOTES: Strawberry Cream, Nougat, Pomelo

Why You'll Love It:

An immaculately clean naturally-processed coffee from the Great Lakes region of East Africa, this full-bodied offering boasts a vibrant sweetness with intense fruit-forward acidity. An unforgettable experience in celebration of the continent that coffee calls home.

Story of the Bean:

The Nile River pours forth from its source in the Kayanza region of Burundi. From there it will travel across desert, grassland, and forest to the Mediterranean sea over 4000 miles away. The same rain that falls on the mountains of Kayanza to birth this river also nourish the cherries producing this incredibly dynamic coffee.

From the headwaters of Africa's greatest river, Kayanza is the product of thousands of producers and 5 washing stations across the Kayanza Province region. As a result of precise natural processing, this coffee exhibits the highest intensity of fruit characteristics. The result marks a new level of quality in coffees from Burundi, producing a rich and rare cup.  

*Sampler tubes are only available in Whole Bean