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Cold Brew on Tap Fridge Pack

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Cold Brew on Tap Fridge Pack
Dark-Medium Roast

Cold Brew on Tap Fridge Pack

Cold Brew on Tap Fridge Pack cupping notes: 1 Gallon of Cold Brew

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About Cold Brew on Tap Fridge Pack

Our Cold Brew On-Tap Fridge Pack carries 1 gallon of the same rich dark-roasted Brazilian Single-Origin cold brew we carry in our cafes. Sourced, roasted, and brewed by us for your enjoyment.

Sealed in an airtight container, each fridge pack keeps your cold brew fresh, smooth, and ready to drink. Just add it to your fridge, pour into your favorite glass, and enjoy the refreshing taste of dark-roasted perfection.

Blend Notes
The same cold brew coffee we use at our cafes. Fresh-roasted, single-origin fully washed, sun-dried coffee beans from Brazil, this medium roast retains the naturally bold and nutty flavors of Brazilian coffee. Our cold brew is double-filtered for a smooth, clean sip, with strong coffee flavors and natural sweetness.

The Details:

  • Volume: 1 gallon
  • Dimensions: 8.5” x 8.5” x 4”(w)
  • Servings: 11 x 12oz servings 
  • Caffeine: 240mg per 12oz serving
  • Shelf life: 30-day guarantee
  • Consume within: 30 days

How it Works: 1-gallon bag inside of a box. There is a push-button spigot that comes out of the front of the box to allow pouring underneath.