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Eco-Brew Organic Gift Box

Product Images

Eco-Brew Organic Gift Box

Eco-Brew Organic Gift Box

Eco-Brew Organic Gift Box cupping notes: Rouge, Bleu, Congo Togetherness


With our flexible coffee subscription program, you’ll never run out of coffee again. Here’s how it works.

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    Pick your coffee or drink, or choose from one of our rotating coffee subscriptions to try something new.

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    Tell us how often you want it delivered. You can pause at any time!

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    Relax and enjoy your favorite La Colombe products!

About Eco-Brew Organic Gift Box

A limited-edition Organic collection featuring an assortment of dark to light roast levels. Our Eco-Brew Organic Gift Box celebrates our ongoing commitment to sustainable farming practices and is perfect for those wanting to explore a variety of brews.

- The small but strong organic coffee industry is heating up, and we are committed to helping it grow. Made entirely with organic-certified coffees from Ethiopia, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Peru, Rouge is a seasonal medium roast with the sophisticated sweetness of currants. Enjoy the pleasing taste and sustainability of this toasty espresso blend.
Cupping notes: Maraschino Cherry, Caramel, Apple

Bleu - This dark filter blend coffee continues our commitment to sourcing coffee from farms that emphasize sustainable practices. Bleu is a seasonal dark roast created with organic USDA coffees from Honduras, Nicaragua, and Peru. With cupping notes of cocoa and sweet cream, this organic blend is a decadence you can feel good about.
Cupping notes: Cocoa, Macadamia, Sweet Cream

Congo Togetherness - This lighter roasted organic coffee wows with flavors of sweet citrus and bold floral aromas. An exceptionally complex and delicate sweetness is achieved by this group of community-minded producers, reaching a new level of quality in Congolese coffee.
Cupping notes: Yuzu, Lavender Honey, Allspice

*All coffees are full-sized 12 oz boxes.