Ironman III Geisha

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Coffee is a fruit and just like strawberries and blueberries, it's seasonal! Our Ironman III Geisha is currently out of season. If you loved its fruity notes of pomegranate and raspberry, you might like our Ethiopia Ardi.


  • FARMLa Aurora
  • PRODUCERRoberto Brenes
  • REGIONPiedra Candela
  • PROCESSNatural, Dried on Raised Beds
  • VARIETYGeisha
  • ALTITUDE1,675 - 1,715 meters
  • CUPPING NOTESPomegranate, Raspberry, Jasmine

Why you'll love it: This award-winning, naturally processed geisha goes the distance with its bright, floral flavors and aromas.

Story of the bean: Producer Roberto Brenes works with pride and care to cultivate some of the finest geisha coffee in Panama. Half of his farm, La Aurora, is preserved as a highland rainforest.

Named for its strong performance in coffee competitions, the Ironman Geisha lot was recognized by the Specialty Coffee Association of Panama as the top geisha in Best of Panama 2013. Our CEO and co-founder Todd Carmichael visited the farm and was so inspired by the unique flavors of pomegranate and jasmine that he chose to brew the Ironman in the 2014 Northeast Brewer's Cup. His 1st Place finish inspired us to develop a relationship with Roberto Brenes in order to offer this rare coffee year after year.