Ironman V Geisha

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  • FARM: La Aurora
  • PRODUCER: Roberto Brenes
  • REGION: Piedra Candela
  • PROCESS: Natural, Dried on Raised Beds
  • VARIETY: Geisha
  • ALTITUDE: 1,675 - 1,715 meters
  • CUPPING NOTES: Strawberry, Raspberry, Mulberry
Why'll you'll love it: Natural processing of a Geisha gives this Ironman V stunning notes of Strawberry and Raspberry that can permanently alter your idea of what's possible in coffee. 

The attention is in the details for coffee farmers like Roberto Brenes, who take the time to dry this coffee inside its fruit for 45-60 days, infusing it with all that sweetness and complexity. Robust flavors of blueberry and strawberry give you a little glimpse into the fruit that surrounds the coffee seed. The Panama Ironman V truly offers a delicious taste of the tropics.