Ironman VI Geisha

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  • FARM: La Aurora
  • PRODUCER: Roberto Brenes
  • REGION: Piedra Candela
  • PROCESS: Fully Washed
  • VARIETY: Geisha
  • ALTITUDE: 1,675 - 1,715 meters
  • CUPPING NOTES: White Peach, Blood Orange, Apricot
Why'll you'll love it: From the award-winning Finca La Aurora farm, this Geisha presents sweet floral and citrus flavors of the world's most sought-after and rare variety of coffee.

In close proximity to the Costa Rican border sits Finca La Aurora, a farm unspoiled and pristine. Devoted to the production of award winning Geishas, Roberto Brenes has established himself as the premiere Panamanian coffee grower. In the middle of the jungle, with shade provided by native trees, the idyllic microclimate produces an astounding coffee with unprecedented sweetness and complexity.  

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