Kenya - Windrush

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FARM:  Windrush Estate
PRODUCER: Edward Githinji
CITY: Kiambu
ALTITUDE: 1500 meters
CUPPING NOTES: Oolong Tea, Rose Water, Red Plum

Why You'll Love it:
This uncommon coffee offers a subtlety and complexity rarely seen in Kenyan varietals. Delicate stone fruit and prominent floral notes dominate this refreshing east African selection.

Story of the Bean:
Between the peak of Mt. Kenya and the bustling streets of Nairobi, farm manager  Edward Githinji directs his workers at Windrush Estate to harvest only the ripest SL28 cherries for this prized microlot.  The estate has been operating in Kenya's central region of Kiambu for almost 70 years and has succeeded in  maintaining a culture of meticulous harvesting and cultivation. From the volcanic soil of these steep slopes comes this rare coffee produced through time-honored tradition.

The high quality of this coffee brings us a sweetness beyond our expectations for it's varietal. Lacking the sometimes harsh acidity of other Kenyans, Windrush soothes and comforts with the light and complex characteristics of fruit blossom.
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