Mexico Sierra Sur Sampler

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At La Colombe, we love to try new things and we want to make it easy for you to find your next favorite cup.

Introducing our new Handpicked Workshop Collection of sampler tubes. You can now try any of our unique and delicious single-origin Workshop coffees in a 2.5 oz tube. 


  • CO-OPERATIVE: Sicobi
  • REGION: Sierra Sur
  • STATE: Oxaca
  • PROCESS: Fully washed
  • VARIETY: Typica and Caturra
  • ALTITUDE: 1,700-1900 meters
  • CUPPING NOTES: Rose, Kiwi, Pecan 

Why You'll Love It: The effects of high altitudes give this coffee bright notes of rose and kiwi that we never imagined possible in a Mexican coffee.

Story of the Bean: Heirloom variety Typica plants grow high on the western slopes of the Sierra Madre del Sur mountain range. Their intense floral aromas are due to the high altitudes and cold evening temperatures they endure. Colder nights cause the plant to naturally send more sugar to its cherries in order to protect the seeds, resulting in a sweeter and more floral cup of coffee.

This lot was produced by the SICOBI cooperative, which has over 200 producing members. This year's harvest is even better than the last and we are proud to offer this expectation-shattering Mexican coffee again.

*Sampler tubes are only available in Whole Bean