Nicaragua - La Llamada

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  • REGION: Jinotega
  • FARM: La Bastilla
  • PROCESSING: Fully Washed
  • VARIETY: Caturra
  • ALTITUDE1,350-1,450 meters
  • CUPPING NOTES: Orange Zest, Red Grape, Almond

Why You’ll Love It: Nicaraguan coffee follows the Central American tradition  - with a fruitful twist. With notes of almond and orange zest, this brew shows how climate, soil, and community can subtly change the familiar Central American coffee profile.

Story of The Bean: La Llamada is a micro-lot on the La Bastilla farm, a Rainforest Alliance-certified producer that is very involved in the local community. La Bastilla operates a technical agricultural school that teaches ecologically sound practices to farmers producing honey, dairy, vegetables, and coffee.

This fully washed, Caturra-variety coffee takes on some of the citrus notes typical of higher altitudes, but stays true to the nutty almond notes. These balance out fruit flavors of grape and orange, making this a coffee to crave every morning.