December On The Bar Pack

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If you've ever been to a La Colombe cafe, you've likely seen our Silverton bars, where we hand-craft our single-origin pourovers. This pack contains the single-origins brews we're featuring on the bar this month:

Colombia San Roque: This smooth, balanced coffee is our interpretation of the classic, popular Colombian style, with exceptional sweetness and subtle flavors of citrus, grape, and cherry.

Papua New Guinea Kunjin: These beans descend from the first coffee seeds planted in Papua New Guinea in the 1920s, brought from the famed Blue Mountains of Jamaica. This blend stays true to its excellent lineage with distinctive notes of grape and saffron.

For Haiti: This blend represents our commitment to supporting farming families, and revitalizing the once great Haitian coffee industry. It has distinctive notes of milk chocolate, vanilla, and black pepper.