July On The Bar Pack

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If you've ever been to a La Colombe cafe, you've likely seen our Silverton bars, where we hand-craft our single-origin pourovers. This pack contains the single-origins brews we're featuring on the bar this month:

Ethopia Ardi:  An Ethiopian coffee like this is life-changing. The coffee cherries are dried whole, allowing the seeds to soak up all the beautiful fruit flavors. The fragrance of freshly ground Ardi will fill the entire house with sweetness. It is a wonderfully complex cup of coffee.

Ecuador El Tundo: Karina Marisol Cevallos Guajan selects only the highest quality coffees produced near the El Tundo nature reserve, a place famous for its exotic flowers and native birds. A truly exceptional Ecuadorean bean creates a cup of vibrant stone fruit and raw earthy sweetness. 

Ethiopia YirgZ: Heirloom coffee varieties from the Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia are known for their citrus flavors. Sweet and refined, this bright Ethiopian coffee will please the perfectionist in all of us.