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Why you'll love it: Our freshest green coffees are expertly blended and carefully roasted to create a brew that's sweet and drinkable. Sourced from different origins seasonally.

Blend notes: Lemonade, Blackberry, Black Tea

Story of the bean: When you cook a dinner of locally grown vegetables, you know that the great taste is thanks to not only the chef, but to the farmer. It’s the same with coffee. Quality starts at origin and, for us, this blend is about giving credit where it’s due: with the farmer.

Farmers work hard to develop unique and distinct flavors in their coffee. We designed this blend to bring those origin flavors forward, adapting our roasting style to downplay smoky flavors the roaster can create. As a result, the fruity, natural flavors like lemonade and blackberry really shine through in this seasonal blend.

Blend Ingredients