Peppermint Cardamom Organic Herbal Tisane

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TASTING NOTES: Refreshing, Clove, Basil
ORIGIN: Herbs sourced from around the word

This organic tisane is bursting with bright, refreshing flavors of dried peppermint and essential basil oil. Incredibly aromatic and cooling, this bold blend contains spiced notes of clove leaf oil and green cardamom, with hints of citrus and eucalyptus.

*Includes 8 Herbal Tisane Sachets - 16 Steeps


Our tea is meant to be enjoyed again and again. Resteep these sachets to reveal complex flavors in the 2nd cup.

1 sachet per 8oz water heated to 212°F
First Steep: 5 minutes
Second Steep: 6 minutes

INGREDIENTS: Organic peppermint, organic cardamom, essential basil & clove leaf oils

*Does Not Contain Caffeine