Pourover Enthusiast Kit

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Start brewing your favorite La Colombe coffee like a professional with this Pourover Enthusiast Kit. The kit contains everything that you need to enhance your coffee brewing and create the perfect pourover. 

This kit includes the following:

  • Kinto Pourover: This brewer, with a pleasing design and organic form, is a new favorite of ours. The stainless steel filter brews a flavorful, fragrant cup by retaining more of the coffee's natural oils, and the glass carafe provides a window onto the drip brew process. After brewing, the filter fits into the holder to cut down on mess. 
  • Stagg Kettle: Bring precision to your pourover. This kettle has a built-in thermometer that highlights the optimal brew temperature range (195-205 degrees Fahrenheit). The spout is designed for targeted pouring at the optimal flow rate, making for an even, easy-to-control pour.
  • Hario Drip Scale with Timer: This scale will let you weigh your coffee and water while simultaneously measuring the extraction time.
  • Complimentary bag of our For Haiti blend