Red, White & Cold Brew Pack

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Celebrate fun, summer, & independence with our cold brew variety pack! The Red, White & Cold Brew Pack rocks a patriotic look and tastes delicious. With 3 Draft Latte flavors and our classic Pure Black, you can fill your fridge with the best of La Colombe's cold brews this season. 

All of the Draft Latte Flavors (Original, Triple, Vanilla) in the pack offer the full taste and texture of a true cold latte, complete with a frothy layer of silky foam. They are also made with real ingredients like lactose-free milk and cold-pressed espresso. Our Pure Black is double-filtered for a smooth, clean sip, with strong coffee flavors and a natural sweetness.


  • Original Draft Latte - no added sugar
  • Vanilla Draft Latte - natural vanilla & a touch of maple
  • Triple Draft Latte - 3 shots of espresso
  • Pure Black - only 5 calories