Ruby Oolong Organic Tea

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TASTING NOTES: Baked Pear, Soothing, Cedar
REGION: Thailand
HARVEST SEASON: October 2015
WEIGHT: 100 grams

Harvested in the Doi Mae Salong Mountains in Thailand, this organic oolong tea is slowly baked to coax out woodsy notes of cedar, and the sweet but tart notes of baked pear. True to its colorful name, this reddish amber tea is smooth and soothing.

*Includes 100 Grams Whole Leaf Loose Tea - 42 Steeps


Using whole tealeaves allows our tea to be enjoyed again and again. Resteep your tealeaves to reveal complex flavors in the 2nd and 3rd cups.

7 grams (about 1 tablespoon) per 8oz water heated to 195°F
First Steep: 4 minutes
Second Steep: 5 minutes
Third Steep: 6 minutes

INGREDIENTS: Organic Oolong Tea (Thailand)

*Contains Caffeine