Sumatra - Tiga Raja

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  • REGION: Silimakuta
  • PROCESS: Wet Hulled
  • VARIETY: Typica and Bourbon
  • ALTITUDE: 1,300 - 1,500 m 
  • CUPPING NOTES: Orange Zest, Dark Chocolate, Maple Syrup

Why you'll love it: With notes of orange zest, dark chocolate, and maple syrup, this full bodied cup represents the very best of Indonesian coffees. 

Story of the bean: The Simalungun region has long been an agricultural powerhouse with rich volcanic soils, stable climates, and a range of altitudes that are perfect for growing Sumatran coffee.

Small farmers around the region supply coffee to the Tiga Raja Mill, which uses a wet hulling process where the outer skin is removed from the coffee cherry and allowed to rest before it is washed and dried producing a flavor profile that is sweet and complex. The mill owners are actively involved in educating farmers about how to achieve better quality and sustainably produced coffee.