The Classics Sampler
The Classics Sampler
The Classics Sampler

Dark Medium Roast

The Classics Sampler

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A Variety of our Most Popular Blends

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About The Classics Sampler

Whether you’re new to La Colombe, or want to explore our collection, The Classics Sampler is the perfect assortment of our most popular dark and medium roasted blends. 
*Assortment includes five 4oz samples. Only Available in Whole Bean.
Corsica: This chocolatey, dark-roasted classic has been served on drip in our cafes for over 25 years.
Cupping Notes: Baker's Chocolate, Red Wine, Spices

Nizza: With a honey-sweet, roasted nuttiness, this is the coffee we use for espresso in all La Colombe cafes.
Cupping Notes: Milk Chocolate, Nuts, Brownie

Afrique: This African blend showcases the fruity potential of coffee without abandoning the traditional coffee flavors of cocoa and warm spices.
Cupping Notes: Cocoa, Raspberry, Toasted Coconut

All Dark: Brimming with rich, full flavor and chocolate tones, this one is for the dark roast diehards.
Cupping Notes: Chocolate Truffle, Toasted Walnut, Caramel

Lyon: A coffee with a gentle nature, both in flavor and spirit. Nutty-sweet notes take on a smooth, toasty flavor that makes for an easy-drinking cup.
Cupping Notes: Caramel, Brownie, Toffee 

*This sampler is built to order. Please allow up to 3 working days for it to be produced and shipped

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