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The Coffee Vault
The Coffee Vault
Dark Roast

The Coffee Vault

The Coffee Vault cupping notes: Baker's Chocolate, Red Wine, Spices


Product Images

The Coffee Vault
The Coffee Vault

With our flexible coffee subscription program, you’ll never run out of coffee again. Here’s how it works.

  • STEP 1

    Pick your coffee or drink, or choose from one of our rotating coffee subscriptions to try something new.

  • STEP 2

    Tell us how often you want it delivered. You can pause at any time!

  • STEP 3

    Relax and enjoy your favorite La Colombe products!

About The Coffee Vault

Take the guesswork out of coffee. The Coffee Vault allows you to brew like a professional.

These coffees are pre-ground, pre-measured and preserved under pressure for freshness so you can make the perfect pot of drip coffee.

  • The Coffee: Our Corsica’s cocoa notes pair beautifully with milk or stand alone, making it the perfect filter coffee.
  • Pre-Measured: No mess,  no worries. The right amount of coffee for one pot.
  • Pre-Ground: A precision granulizer (roller grinder) ensures optimal extraction.
  • Preserved: Preserved under pressure using the coffee's own gases, extending its life 5x. Tastes as if it was roasted and ground that day.

How To Brew: 

  1. Open the Vault and empty the contents into your drip filter
  2. Pour 4 measuring cups (8 oz x 4) of water into brewer
  3. Brew & Enjoy!

Each box includes (8) Coffee Vaults
Each Coffee Vault contains 1.32oz/37.2g of coffee
Shelf Life is 3 months

*note: the measurements on drip brewers can vary, so we recommend using an 8 oz measuring cup when pouring your 4 cups of water

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Roast Level

Dark Roast

Full-bodied, Chocolatey, Roasty

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