The Geisha Gift Box

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Give the gift of Geishas! This top of the line collection boasts three of our best geisha coffees in a decorative gift box. For the lover of fine things or the coffee expert - this is an impressive gift to share with anyone on your list! 

Lycello Blue Geisha - this extraordinary offering from Ninety Plus Estates highlights the care that is given to the coffee fruit of the Geisha variety. Delicate flavors of lychee and green tea dance with the fragrant floral notes to produce an exquisite cup. Ninety Plus Estates consist of several ecologically distinct estates that are committed to the understanding and sustainability of the Geisha coffee variety.

Ironman V Geisha - natural processing gives this geisha stunning notes of Strawberry and Raspberry that can permanently alter your idea of what's possible in coffee. The attention is in the details for coffee farmers like Roberto Brenes, who take the time to dry this coffee inside its fruit for 45-60 days, infusing it with all that sweetness and complexity.

Esmeralda Geisha - a classic geisha that redefines luxury and flavor, with floral fragrances and all the sweetness of honeysuckle plucked right off the vine. This coffee comes from Hacienda La Esmeralda, which became the most famous coffee farm in the world in 2004 when it first auctioned off the exceptional Geisha variety lots discovered growing on their land.