The Auromar Geisha Gift Box

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Give the gift of Geishas! This top of the line collection boasts two of our best geisha coffees in a decorative gift box. 

Both coffees come from the famed La Aurora farm, which operates in the spirit of family. In caring for his coffee like a member of the family, Roberto has succeeded in producing a rare and exotic coffee experience.

This gift box not only allows you to experience some of the rarest coffees available but to also learn more about coffee by comparing the effects of different processes (washed vs. natural). 

Panama Auromar Geisha: a great example of how complex tropical fruit and tea flavors can mingle with refreshing citrus in a coffee experience unlike any other.
Panama Auromar Geisha (Natural): when a coffee that is world famous for its fruit characteristics and floral complexity is then dried for 20-30 days in its cherry, the results can be life changing.