Todd's Faves: World Tour

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This sampler pack includes 2.5-oz tubes featuring three of Todd's favorite coffees from around the world.

Colombia - San Roque: Colombian coffee has long been loved throughout the world for it's drinkability. This smooth, balanced coffee is our interpretation of the classic, popular Colombian style, with exceptional sweetness and subtle flavors of citrus, grape, and cherry.

Ethiopia - YirgZ: Yirg for Yirgacheffe, Z for zero defect. Ethiopian coffees from the Yirgacheffe region are world-renowned for producing distinctively floral and aromatic coffee. "Zero defect" means this coffee is triple sorted by size, color, and density until it reaches a point of near perfection. This new harvest is on a new level of coffee obsession. The mountains and soil of the Yirgacheffe region are known for producing coffees with floral and citrus aromas. Our importing partner, Samuel Demisse, has amplified this reputation by employing a rigorous sorting process in Ethiopia.

Brazil - Blue Diamond: In the 1940s, coffee consumption was beginning to soar and Brazilian coffee producers struggled to find a coffee tree that could withstand the strong winds and rain in the tropical savannas south of the Amazon. The solution was a hybrid plant called Catuai, a highly productive dwarf variety prized for its sweetness. With rich chocolate flavor and a full body, the Blue Diamond is a shining example of a Brazilian Catuai.

Comes only in whole bean.