Zambia - Mbuni Anniversary Coffee

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Coffee is a fruit and just like strawberries and blueberries, it's seasonal! Our Zambia Mbuni Anniversary Coffee is currently out of season. If you loved its notes of fruit, you might like our Fishtown


  • REGION: Lusaka
  • FARM: Mbuyu Estate
  • FARMER: Willem and Jesper Lublinkhof 
  • PROCESS: Mbuni or, dried-on-the-tree
  • VARIETY: SL-28
  • ALTITUDE: 1,100 meters
  • CUPPING NOTES: Sweet Sherry, Dried Berry, Fresh Tobacco

Why you'll love it: A heavy body and wine-like sweetness sets this very rare Zambian coffee apart. Truly one of our favorites.

Story of the bean: Severe drought over the last two decades devastated Zambian coffee production with the one exception of the Mbuyu farm. This estate is one of the most innovative in Africa and has developed an irrigation system and unique processing techniques. With this Mbuni lot, the Lublinkhofs have taken full advantage of their micro-climate by allowing the coffee cherries to fully dry on the tree before being picked. Drying the coffee in this way produces a cup with a concentrated wine-like sweetness and heavy body that we have never tasted before. This style is only possible in this desert-like micro-climate and transforms what was a death-blow to coffee production in Zambia into a unique advantage.

Todd personally visited this farm to find coffee to celebrate the 20-year anniversary of La Colombe's founding. It will be - no doubt - the start of a long friendship and the coffee with which he returned is truly one of a kind.