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Full-bodied, Chocolatey, Roasty

Corsica Classic

Dark Chocolate, Rich, Beloved

Phocea Classic

Roasty, Black Pepper, Lasting

Savoia Reserve

Cocoa, Earthy, Lasting Taste

Monaco Reserve

Chocolate, Currant, Refined

Afrique Reserve

Milk Chocolate, Fruity, Heartfelt

Louisiane Reserve

Earthy, Smoky, Historic

Bleu - Organic
Bleu - Organic Organic

Milk Chocolate, Maraschino, Decadent


Sweet, Fruity, Nutty

Colombia - El Faldon
Colombia - El Faldon Workshop

Lime, Passion Fruit, Sugar Cookie

Brazil - Matilde Mahogany
Brazil - Matilde Mahogany Workshop

Fig, Macadamia, Toasted Coconut

Nizza Classic

Nutty, Caramel, Renowned

Lyon Reserve

Toasty, Almond, Aspiring

Rouge - Organic
Rouge - Organic Organic

Currants, Toasty, Sustainable

Vert - Organic
Vert - Organic Organic

Cherry, Grapefruit, Black Tea

Rwanda - Nyampinga
Rwanda - Nyampinga Workshop

Lime Zest, Apricot, Chocolate

Brazil - Blue Diamond
Brazil - Blue Diamond Workshop

Sage, Dried Apples, Roasted Peanuts

Haiti - Mare Blanche
Haiti - Mare Blanche Workshop

Black Pepper, Vanilla Extract, Root Beer

Fishtown Workshop

Bergamot, Stone Fruit, Caramel


Bright, Citrusy, Tangy

Ethiopia - Ardi
Ethiopia - Ardi Workshop

Plum Wine, Concord Grapes, Apple Pie

Reserve - San Roque
Reserve - San Roque Workshop

Hibiscus, Kiwi, Candy Apples

Ironman III Geisha
Ironman III Geisha Workshop

Pomegranate, Raspberry, Jasmine

Colombia - San Roque
Colombia - San Roque Workshop

Clementines, Cherry Cola, Chocolate

Ethiopia - YirgZ
Ethiopia - YirgZ Workshop

Lemon Zest, Peach, Vanilla

Bundles & Gift Boxes

Experience the variety

Chef Projects

Culinary coffee collaborations


All the flavor, all day long

Bleu -  Decaf Organic
Bleu - Decaf Organic Organic

Dark Chocolate, Almond, Peaceful