How to Brew


The V60 pourover brewer is a more complex brewing method but when done correctly it produces a delicious cup of coffee. This easy clean up and single-cup brewing makes for a great morning routine.
Brew Time 2 - 3 Minutes
Difficulty Intermediate
Step 1


Weigh your coffee. For a pourover we recommend grinding 20 grams to 330 grams of water or keeping to a 1:16 ratio.

Step 2


Grind your coffee! For a V60 your grinds should resemble table salt. The flow rate is controlled by the grind size, due to how large the hole is in the V60. If your grind is off, you’ll clog up the brew or if the grind is too coarse, it’ll drain too fast.

Step 3


Boil water (roughly 200°F).

Step 4


Rinse the filter by pour some of your hot water to dampen the filter before you put your grounds in. Discard the water from the cup or vessel.

Step 5


Place the V60 on your scale. Zero (tare) the scale and then add your premeasured grind in to the filter.

Step 6


Time to pour! Zero the scale again. You don’t want to pour straight down into the middle of the grounds the entire time – you want to get an even extraction. To start pour 40 grams, or so, in a circle to evenly wet the grounds then pause, letting the coffee “bloom” for 20-30 seconds. Then pour the remaining water in even circles, which is made so much easier with a gooseneck kettle.

Step 7


Aim for a total brew time of 2 minutes, 30 seconds. Then drink up and enjoy!

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