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We look for new ways to make people happy with coffee. Every. Single. Day. From roasting to serving to marketing and beyond, La Colombe is a growing company with ample employment opportunities. If you love coffee, there’s a spot for you here.

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Our Flagship

Philadelphia, PA

At our flagship café in the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia and at our nearby roasting operation, you’ll find the nerve center of La Colombe. From marketing to creative to merchandising to research and development, Philadelphia is the homebase of our national brand. Our headquarters are ground zero for the next big thing in coffee.

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We own and operate a series of beautiful cafes in some of the coolest neighborhoods in the country. From Chicago to New York to Philadelphia, we strive to provide an elevated coffee experience to folks from all walks of life. If you love to make people happy with coffee, a La Colombe café is the place for you.

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In addition to our own cafes, we have a vast network of clients serving our coffee in businesses across the United States. The La Colombe wholesale team is the best in the business and our dedicated account managers assist with everything from coffee selection, to equipment, to staff training and beyond.

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