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Our Values

Five Principles of Ethical Trade

Fairness – All trading partners are to be treated fairly. No strike price is to be negotiated below that established by the Fair Trade Organization.

Longevity – Long-term commitments are to be established with all coffee sources where possible, thereby providing a more certain future for our trading partners.

Opportunity – Priority is given to nations, regions, and farmers with the greatest need and where our purchases can make the greatest impact.

Water – We believe everyone should have access to clean drinking water, so we continually work with organizations to increase access to clean water globally.

Strictly Earth Conscious – We strive to embody the best environmental practices, in order to ensure that our children can enjoy the same natural resources, views, and wonders that we enjoy. Together, we can grow towards a more sustainable future.


In addition to supporting our coffee-producing communities, we seek to support, nurture, and enhance the local neighborhoods that are home to our cafes. From providing free coffee to a nearby homeless shelter to helping with the community garden across the street, we work hard to engage with our environment and create meaningful connections with our neighbors.

Mindful of the planet

Here at La Colombe, we are keenly aware of where our coffee comes from, how it was grown, and, most importantly, the needs of the people involved in the coffee’s journey from seed to cup. We care deeply about the wellbeing of coffee-growing communities, and we strive to implement the best business practices to increase that wellbeing.

Thoughtful of people

As one of the early pioneers of direct trade, we pride ourselves on proactive, long-term relationships with small-holder farms and socially responsible coffee-growing associations. For us, the quality of our coffee starts with the quality of these relationships. By working directly with farmers to create mutually beneficial partnerships, we can increase transparency in the supply chain, guide farming practices to yield better and better beans, and support the livelihoods of coffee-producing communities.

Haiti Coffee Academy

Founded in 2013, the Haiti Coffee Academy supports coffee farmers in the southeast region of Haiti through education, training, materials, and market access.

Haiti is a place that is close to our hearts, and where coffee production has suffered in recent decades. We are committed to supporting the Haitian coffee industry by buying a significant amount of Haitian coffee each year and bringing their beautiful beans to the U.S. Learn more about the Haiti Coffee Academy here.

Learn More About the Haiti Coffee Academy here


Around the world, millions of people and thousands of communities lack access to clean drinking water. We believe that access to water is an inherent human right, and we partner with organizations who share this philosophy. By providing free drinking water in our cafes, we seek to raise awareness about water initiatives in the hopes that one day, everyone will have equal access to this life-giving resource.