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What we do

We work directly with coffee farmers to source the best-tasting, most exotic, and rarest beans. We sample each delivery to ensure that the quality meets our specialty standard. From dark-roasted classics to lighter, specialty coffees, La Colombe has every flavor note covered. Whether you are a small café, a high-end restaurant, or a grocery or hotel chain, we can help you develop a custom coffee program that will delight and satisfy your clientele. Contact us: wholesale@lacolombe.com



La Colombe’s account support and coffee training is unmatched in the industry. Whether your staff is made up of beginners or professional baristas, we’ll train your entire team on how to work with our coffee so they can make a great cup, every time. And we’re flexible – schedule trainings on-site at your location, or join us at one of our local training facilities.

Equipment & Maintenance

We offer individualized equipment pricing and programs, with free equipment installation and ongoing service. Our technicians are available 24/7, from coast to coast, to keep your coffee equipment in perfect working order. Whatever you need, we make it happen. Plus, you’ll receive free shipping on orders over 15lbs.


“Best bloody espresso on the planet.”
– Gordon Ramsay

“La Colombe searches the world to find the right beans and then roasts them with expert craftsmanship to achieve that special taste.”
– Mario Batali

“Thanks to La Colombe, each meal ends with the same quality with which it started.”
– Marc Vetri

From the best palates

“Most reliable and consistent coffee we have ever served.”
– Daniel Boulud

“You can taste the care and passion put into it. If only everyone knew this secret, the world would be a better tasting place.”
– Sean Brock

"Nizza hits every note perfectly, I look forward to every cup.”
– François Payard

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Our entire wholesale team, from our roaster to your account manager, is dedicated to helping you serve the best cup of coffee possible. With passion and a personal touch, we can take your coffee program to the next level. Email wholesale@lacolombe.com today to schedule a private tasting and learn more about our wholesale opportunities.

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