How to Brew


The Chemex, a coffee lovers go-to brewer. It’s design is simple and unassuming. Easy to use and easy to clean up, this brewing method makes an exceptional and very approachable cup of coffee.

What You’ll Need

Brew Time 3 - 4 Minutes
Difficulty Intermediate
Step 1


Weigh your favorite coffee in grams. For a Chemex we recommend a 1:17 ratio.

Step 2


Grind coffee to be a little coarser than table salt for a Chemex.

Step 3


Boil water (roughly 200°F).

Step 4


Wet your paper filter with hot water to rinse it before brewing. It removes the papery taste of the filter, and preheats your Chemex! Discard the water from the cup or vessel.

Step 5


Place you Chemex on the scale and zero (tare) it out. Add premeasured coffee.

Step 6


Time to pour! Zero the scale again. Start by wetting the coffee enough to make sure that all of it is saturated. Allow 30 seconds for the bloom, then pour the rest of your water into the Chemex. Try to keep the height of the water and coffee consistent in the filter, pouring in pulses to keep it at the same level.

Step 7


From bloom to finish, the whole brew should take a little over 3 minutes. Once the water finishes descending, pull out the filter and stick your nose in the Chemex! It’s one of our favorite parts of the coffee ritual, and it helps perk you up before you’ve even had a cup. Enjoy!

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