How to Brew


The electric drip coffee machine is a super popular way to make coffee at home. Similar to a pour over, water is heated and dispensed through the coffee and filter into the carafe. If you’re looking for an easy way to brew, look no further.

Brew Time 6 - 10 Minutes
Difficulty Easy
Step 1


Weigh your favorite coffee in grams. For a drip machine, we recommend a 1:16 ratio.

Step 2


Measure and grind coffee to be a little finer than table salt.

Step 3


Place your filter into the coffee basket and rinse it with hot water before brewing. This will reduce any paper flavor the filter may have.

Step 4


Add premeasured coffee to the rinsed filter inside the basket.

Step 5


Measure water.

Step 6


Time to pour the measured water into the drip coffee machine.

Step 7


That’s it. Simply press the button, wait and enjoy!