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Colombia - Inga Red Honey

Light Roast

Champagne Mango, Caramel Apple, Honeycomb

Price: $19

All Dark

Dark Roast

Chocolate Truffle, Toasted Walnut, Caramel

Price: $15

Caramel Draft Latte

Cold Brew + Real Caramel

Price: $34

Fellow Carter 3-in-1 Sip System

16 oz Move Mug + 3 Interchangeable Lids

Price: $52

Hario V60 Dripper

Ceramic Pourover Dripper

Price: $30

Sweet Chai Latte

Real Chai + Frothed Milk

Price: $34 $30.60

Chemex Coffeemaker 6 Cup

Glass Pourover Brewer

Price: $48

The Roaster's Sampler

Medium Light Roast

Selection Chosen by our Roasters

Price: $40

Carter Move Mug

12 oz Tumbler

Price: $32

Chemex Coffeemaker 3 Cup

Glass Pourover Brewer

Price: $42

Red Doves Tote

Large Canvas Tote

Price: $30

Vintage Diner Mug

10 oz Diner Mug

Price: $14

Bundled Up Glass

16 oz Glass

Price: $14 $12.60

Classic Diner Mug

10 oz Diner Mug

Price: $14

Stacked Deruta Tumbler

20 oz Miir Tumbler

Price: $34

Special Delivery Tumbler

16 oz Miir Tumbler

Price: $32

Doves Hoodie

100% Heavyweight Cotton

Price: $68

Miir Standard Carafe

Stainless Steel Pourover Brewer

Price: $84

Canny Pack

Limited Edition Baboon to the Moon Fannypack

Price: $65 $58.50

Miir French Press

Stainless Steel French Press

Price: $105