After witnessing the struggles of needy regions around the world first-hand, Todd and JP committed to making a difference in underserved areas, from third world coffee developers to America’s diverse communities. Whether it be driving conversation through art, raising awareness for the disenfranchised, or providing basic needs, it’s our goal to give a voice to the voiceless.


Todd had a vision. To merge his love of music and hunger for civil engagement to create the Hope and Fury Concert Series. Infused with the passion and grit of our hometown Philadelphia, Hope and Fury concerts showcase local musicians and performers along with keynotes and discussions on contemporary and often-times controversial social issues, from racial inequality and mass incarceration, to women’s rights and voter engagement.


Women are at the heart of La Colombe, leading and influencing our business from origin and roasting to marketing and cafes. In celebration of women everywhere, Todd and JP have been fierce advocates of International Women’s Month. Through donations, specially branded coffee products, and partnerships with organizations like the ACLU’s Women’s Rights Project, we’re inspired to improve the lives of women everywhere.



Being at the center of our community, Todd and JP are driven to honor the history of the LGBTQ+ movement and lend our voice to help in any way we can. During Pride Month in 2019, we commemorated the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising through special cups at our cafes across the country, designed by Todd Snyder as an extension of their #TSPride campaign. We’re excited to find meaningful ways to contribute to LGBTQ+ Pride, both inside and outside Pride Month.


La Colombe supported Philadelphia’s Ladyfest, a music and arts festival that combats substantive, cultural, and structural inequalities by fostering a more inclusive and safe environment through performances, workshops, and panels. In support, we donated kegs and bottles of our cold brew coffee to fuel collaboration and community-building throughout the day.


Sometimes we take community-building literally. Both Todd and JP aim to find meaningful ways to strengthen the community in our hometown of Philadelphia, and especially when it also combines their love of skating. That’s why La Colombe hosted an event to raise funds to build Franklin’s Paine Skatepark, a modern urban skate park, and multi-use public green space in Philadelphia. At the ribbon-cutting, we served free coffee, sold limited edition skateboard decks, and raffled off special La Colombe items.