We’re committed to building, strengthening, and healing communities where we live and work.

Black Girls Shine

We are proud to have worked with The Loveland Foundation in their mission of providing access to therapy and other means of healing to communities of color.

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Coffee for Frontline Workers

When a global COVID pandemic hit, we were inspired by healthcare workers on the frontline who met the challenge to keep our community healthy and safe. Motivated by their commitment, we provided free coffee across the country as fuel and relief during this crucial time. Additionally, we collaborated with organizations serving free meals and delivering care packages to hospitals and medical facilities.

Cleaning Up Our Communities

We believe it’s our responsibility to help keep the community around us beautiful. Our employees rose to the challenge through a series of community clean-ups at some of the neediest parks across the country. Armed with cleaning supplies and trash bags our team continues to meet at parks near our cafes to clean up and make sure the park stays clean and in peak condition.


After the Wyoming Valley School District in Pennsylvania threatened to send children to foster care if their parents couldn’t pay outstanding lunch debts, Todd personally stepped in offering to pay the lunch debt in full. Todd benefited from subsidized lunches himself, and knows that providing a little relief for families in need will go a long way for the lives of these kids.

FUel your vote with Vote.org

We are proud to have worked with Vote.org, America's leading non-profit, non-partisan organization working to increase voter turnout. This partnership was part of our larger ‘Fuel Your Vote’ Campaign to help millions of Americans access the ballot leading up to the 2020 election.

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Supporting Everytown for Gun Safety

As parents, Todd and JP aim to create a safer world for their children and a world without common sense gun laws will never be safe. That’s why La Colombe supported Everytown For Gun Safety by donating $7 of every box of specialty branded Lyon coffee sold for their pursuit of common-sense gun laws through groundbreaking research, community education, and advocacy.