Brewing espresso in the comfort of your own home just got a whole lot easier. With the Wacaco Nanopresso, you can now create the perfected espresso you get in cafes without stepping outside of your house.

What You’ll Need

Nanopresso, Kettle, Grinder, Coffee, Water, Coffee Cup

Brew Time

2-3 min



Let’s Get Started…

Step 1: Heat Water

Heat your water kettle to 210 Degrees F.

Step 2: Preheat the Nanopreso

Unscrew the bottom part of the device and fill to the water line with hot water. Screw the bottom back on and twist the side button to extend. Flip the device over and keep pushing the button until all the water drains through the device.

Step 3: Grind

Grind your coffee. The consistency of your grinds should resemble grains of sand. The flow rate is controlled by the grind size. If your grind is too fine your brewer will clog. If your grind is too coarse the coffee will taste thin.

Step 4: Prepare

Unscrew the top of the Nanopresso. Take out and fill the filter basket to the top with ground coffee and press down the grinds with the small scoop. Unscrew the bottom of the Nanopresso and fill to the line with hot water. Screw the water compartment back onto the brewer. On the side of the Nanopresso twist the round button to release it from the side of the press.

Step 5: Brew

Flip your Nanopresso over so the brew spout is above your cup. Begin pumping the side button on your Nanopresso repeatedly. Keep pumping until coffee no longer comes out of the brewing device (the pumping should get easier as brewing comes to an end). Your total brew time should be roughly 30-45 seconds.

Step 6: Clean up and Enjoy

Cleaning the Nanopresso immediately after using will extend the life of the device.

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